Thursday, July 2, 2009

Water video

I took a video of the water running today and all the water all over the slab....


  1. Hi Lisa, Ive been following your blog for a while now, Im building the Regent23 in Point Cook site start this week, so think youre a few weeks ahead of me ... the water leaking everywhere is the pipe meant to be joined to the other pipe hanging down? Hard to tell from your pics. Its a real shame they didnt pick that leak up and hope they fix it all.

  2. Hi Lisa. Are you going to mention this to PD? Don't they know we're in a drought!!!

    We're getting sooo close now. Land will title next week so not long till we get out site start!


  3. @Brendon: good luck with your build!! Yes the pipes are meant to be connected but the plumber hasn't done it yet. I'm getting a mixer in the shower and the hot and cold haven't been connected into it yet.
    It wasn't a leak as such, I'm guessing someone turned the water mains on to use the tap in the front yard to wash their hands and didn't turn it off, only turned the front tap off instead :(

    @Michael I called N yesterday as I have since discovered I pay the water bill!!
    Your blog has been quiet of late, I am looking forward to seeing you guys get started!

  4. Hi Lisa. We have been a bit quiet as there hasn't been anything to report. Our land will title next week then things will start to happen.

    We met Beejay at his house today and had a look through. We wish our house was well under way!