Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fly screens and security doors

I just called my window supplier (A&L windows) to get a quote on fly screens and I am wondering if anyone can comment on the prices:

Awning (full length) = $45ech
Sliding (any size) = $30 each

So I have 3 full length awning and 10 sliders so that's a total of $435

I also asked about the sliding doors and they range from $445 for a basic one with diamond mesh and key lock through to $800 for a marine grade steel mesh slider with a key lock.

So say I get a $800 door for the meals slider, a basic $445 one for my laundry, that's $2115 $1680 and that doesn't include my front flyscreen/security door!

Thinking about it, I'm wondering how dark/thick the steel mesh screen will be, I may actually prefer the diamond pattern one on my meals slider door to let my light in.

Also, I'm thinking that I might just get a diamond pattern one for my front door too. It will match my garage door and window frames and will give the front of the house more colour - I spose I might be better off waiting to see my garage door before deciding on that one. It would be nice to get a steel grade mesh security door on the front, but I'm not that concerned about my main front door being hidden as it's not like I deliberately upgraded to a nicer looking one or anything


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I am a little confused with you sums..
    800+445 = 1245
    then 1245+435=$1680 in total

    Did you add the costs of the windows twice??

  2. ARGH thanks! I'm a bit sleep depp'ed from watching the cycling!

    That sounds so much better!

  3. How much price difference is there in PD doing them compared to you doing them after handover?

  4. Glad to give you some relief ;)

  5. I didn't bother getting a price from PD as when I mentioned it to my sales person she told me I would get them a lot cheaper else where

    I think I need to start an ordered list of most important items and then put prices next to them to see which ones are achievable

  6. Lisa - PD do flyscreens on all windows for $30 each regardless of size on the Regent 21 and 23.

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