Thursday, July 16, 2009

First bricks have been laid

Yes that's right, the first lot of bricks have been laid!! I really like the colour too -phew- but once you get to the last photo today you will see the differences between the front and back of the brick and the pellets showed the back of the bricks!
There's quite a bit of colour difference even just an hour later in the different light

Chateau Lisa

Boral Brushwood bricks - I really like the colour

Close up

Boral Brushwood bricks

Taken about 1 hour later the colour looks different but I still like them

Close up - Again taken an hour later

Expansion joint

Rear of the garage

Living area's and outdoor area

Bed 2


Holding the door frame in place

Family room window

Bed 2

Bed 2

Inside the garage - notice how different the colour is to the face of the brick - helps to show why I wasn't sure about my bricks when I first saw them!


  1. Your bricks are a really nice choice - I love the way they adapt to the light levels and change colour!

  2. Hi Lisa, found your very interesting site quite by accident, looking for Brushwood Boral bricks online, we are presently building our new home with Rawdon Hill at Pakenham Lakeside, and using the same bricks, we picked them because of the color changes, we have had our bricks delivered, and have heard that the bricking is starting this week, we will be down in Pakenham next Tuesday and see the results hopefully, that is if our scouts!!!that live closer, dont email us a photo first, or put them on facebook.We are presently renting at Cowes,have enjoyed seeing your garden plans too, we will only have a small garden at our new home, after having a big garden 3/4 acre at our last home at Narre Warren East...Hope to hear from you Lisa, if I have done this right!!I am 66 so not that computer illiterate Eileen