Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movement on the ranch?

Wow almost a week between postings! Not much to report really as nothing has happened. Brickies are scheduled to start today but that all depends on if they finished their other job yesterday or not. I went past yesterday and someone was there sorting all the bricks out though so that's a positive sign.

In three weeks, the only things that have been done are gutters (1 day), roof (2 days), fascia (1 day), wrapping (1 day) and the solar panel got installed in there too - the lack of work is getting a bit frustrating. I can understand when it's due to lack of tradies and they need to finish jobs before they can do mine but it's still frustrating seeing all the dollars it's costing me as each week goes by.

I've also had a few quotes this week for blinds - the prices seem to range from $5k - $8k - quite a difference! I'm going to get another couple today.

Hopefully this afternoon I will have some photo's of my bricks having been laid and then I will get a real feel for how they look.


  1. I can understand your frustration. I think it took 8 weeks for Beejay to get to lockup and they will be finished 4 weeks ahead. Erin seems to be going great guns too so I'm sure you'll be fine.

    We signed our mortgage docs today and land settlement is Monday. I was in a PD today dropping off variations and spoke with N. We're booked in for Aug 28th start but we're pushing for much earlier seeing our file come monday will be 100% compelte...

  2. 8 weeks? I will be on about that ball park too I think. When you say 8 weeks to lockup that sounds quick but when you see weeks go by with nothing it gets frustrating.

    That's awesome that the docs are all done and ready! August 28th - they can't do it any sooner?

  3. We're pushing hard for an earlier dates. N says August is crazy for PD.. Once land settlement goes through on Monday we'll hassle some more. N said that the land settlement is the only thing needed for our file to be 100% ready.

  4. Ahh ok, well there could always be a cancellation if someone's land does settle etc etc that you could get