Saturday, July 18, 2009

More bricks!

I didn't get out to my house yesterday but I did today and they have done quite a bit more bricking.

I am LOVING the colour of my bricks! The colour theme I used throughout the house was earthy neutral and I think that these bricks follow that well with their earthy browny clay appearance. I am so happy with them AND they don't seem to be used around my area

I'm really loving the earthy clay browny colour of the Boral Brushwood bricks!

Up close and personal


Garage and family room

Bathroom and bed 2

Bed 2


Bed 3 and rumpus

Bed 3, bathroom and bed 2

Bed 3


Waiting to be bricked


  1. lisa this is wonderful it looks great and it's moving along nicely!

  2. Thanks Annie, it's just great seeing something happen :D