Friday, July 3, 2009

I have a roof

Wow I have a roof and I love it!! It was weird and fantastic to be walking through my frame, under the roof while it was raining and I was dry!! YaY!!

Also, the bridge to Laurimar from Plenty Road opened today woohoo!

I also discovered today that I am responsible for the water bills so I rang N to see if they can do something about the water issue... anyway photo's!

Chateau Lisa - with a roof!! the tiles are Monier Barramundi

Garage roof tiles

The mud in my entrance hallway :(

The green pipe is the new pipe to my toilet for the water tank - the plumber has fixed it all up

Inside and under the roof tiles


Roof tiles over the kitchen, meals and family

My house

A rainbow appeared over Mernda Villages as I was leaving

The bridge is open to Laurimar from Plenty Road and the rainbow finished there, I reckon it's landing on Andy's house!

Taken on the new bridge - I spy with my little eye..... :D

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