Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm locked out!!

I'm locked out!! YaY!!! (and boooooooo!) Well I wasn't when I went to visit before, but the tradie was in the process of putting the doors on so I would be by now! I can't say I'm looking forward to the massive 35% invoice payment either, but ahh well!

I also have a bath tub frame, someone attacked my frame with a planer or something to level out the walls and padded out other bits and the building inspector attacked with the pink spray can!
They've also started removing some bricks to move the front wooden beam part of my garage forward to make the front of my garage square/straight/level/something!

I have pictures but they will have to wait as I don't have the time to upload them today.

I was talking to the tradie doing my doors and he said that they have 14 weeks to put the Porter Davis Access houses together, I told him I had 22.5 weeks in my contract and he just looked at me funny hehehe. So say PCI is in week 14 then that's only 6 weeks Wooohooo!! :D -happy dance-

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