Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Locked out photos

Ok I've finally got the photo's to show

Delivered and waiting to be installed

Bathtub frame

Building inspector has been and the walls have been straightened ready for the plaster

Wood shavings everywhere from the walls being straightened

Bricks removed to make the beam straight - it must be easier to move the beam than pull the brick wall down

Chateau Lisa

The site has been cleaned and the brickie sand spread all over the driveway area - better than in the garden!

Although the sand now contains traces of broken roof tiles... hrmm!

My front door!!

Although it has the wrong handle.... I assume my nice good expensive one will be installed closer to handover??

All cleaned up! No more wood shavings

I really hope that they empty this before installing the bathtub

Front hallway with my door

My front door, again

A new sign! Pitty, I liked the Mernda! addition to the old one ;)

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