Thursday, July 2, 2009

Delivery - Roof tiles

I got there today as my roof tiles were being delivered! YaY! Lets hope it rains all night and not at all tomorrow so that they can start putting them on.

I also spoke to B my SS and he said he had no idea I was getting plumbing put in for a water tank to the two toilets. He said the plumber knew but had over looked it (oops!) and hadn't actually been told where it was going even though N knew where. Anyway, it's going to be sorted :)

The house:

Roof tiles being delivered

The water was left on :(

LOTS of water everywhere

I now have a tap!

Some wood delivered with the roof tiles for something unknown


Roof tiles - Barramundi, the colour is a bit off due to the flash

This is closer to the right colour - Barramundi

Cooking with gas (soon!)

The house with the roof tiles



  1. Hi,

    Thats bit strange they left the tap open.
    Gas point outside looks good, what was the cost to include it. Have you thought from whom you are going for Rain water tank?


  2. Ismail the tap is a weird one, I suspect someone turned the mains on to use the front tap to wash their hands and they turned the tap off but left the mains going and because the plumbing isn't finished that's what happened :(

    The gas point in the photo is the one for the gas meter or the hot water or something, I didn't get any extra ones.
    Not sure who I am going to go with for the rain water tank, it's something I will worry about in about 8-10 months time probably, at the end of summer

  3. Thanks. My land is titled now, and soil test is done. Will start my blog soon.
    I am getting a Gas point paying $760, and plumbing to WC's with external PP $810, seems to be quite expensive kept for future use, hoping to get good resale value for the house, not really sure. Water tank is requirement from VicUrban, need to have it.

    Cheers, roof looks good!