Friday, July 10, 2009


I've been wrapped! I have a green house! My bricks have also been delivered and my solar hot water panel has been installed!


Shower mixer

Ummm... thanks, when I go to YOUR place I will make sure I use YOUR door to clean my shoes too!! >:(

My house!

All wrapped up

Inside the wrapping - it's all dark inside now

Some new plumbing - it's for the solar HW

Wrapped and some bricks

My bricks, the face colour isn't as red thankfully!

Face of my brick Boral Brushwood - I thought they were going to be darker and browner. It will be good to see them getting done to get a better idea

Solar hot water panel

All the plumbing for the HWS

My house

I was about to leave and noticed the pointing has been finished

Finished pointing

I wonder when my bricks will start being done


  1. Looks great. Hopefully my siting issues with Henley will sort out soon.

  2. Starting take shape - looks good. :)
    Shame some people are pigs. I hope they didn't dint your door frame. :(

  3. Thanks! :)

    Ismail you will get started soon!

    Sirona - the lack of respect is what annoys me the most... seems to be common in construction :(