Friday, July 31, 2009

Full steam ahead

I rang B my SS this morning and he is going to get the light switch in the garage fixed up but he can't do anything about the lights at the back of the house as that would need to be done under a variation, ahh well I'm sure I can work out a fix for it once I am in there :)

I asked B how long he expects is left in the build and he said 5-6 weeks! YaY!! That's the first time I've actually asked for a date and I'm glad it's inline with what I have been thinking and hoping for.
So plaster is starting today and the cabinets are booked to start next Thursday. Fix stage will then get started and then tiling and then a general once over or something - how awesome!!

I now really need to pull my finger out and organise some quotes for driveways and fencing. It's such a shame that I couldn't have done that while on holidays due to the brickies, but ahh well these things happen.

I saw some guys doing some fencing in my estate the other day so I stopped and got their phone number and will hopefully get them to do the fencing. They mentioned that if the developer has to pay for half of two sides then he will do it for the same rate as what the developer would be charged! Nice! I kind of hope that my neighbour starts soon so that I can see how long their garage is as I wont worry about fencing that bit as it is going to be on the boundary.

Also, now that the brickies sand has been spread around the place I can start doing measurements for my driveway and get quotes on that too!

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