Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fixing stage photo fest

I went for one of my regular visits today and found an open door! Wooohoo!!
The painters have arrived and taken all the doors off ready for painting although I seem to be 2 doors short which is a bit odd. I also found some paint tins hiding in the kitchen cupboards!

I got asked by someone also building a Regent 21 to take photo's of the cupboards so that's why I have taken them - enjoy Craig!

Now, time for LOTS of photo's from this week at the house

Chateau Lisa - notice the garage door to the backyard

Fixing of the front door

Fixing of the internal garage door

Skirting boards in the garage

Not needed? I think they changed the garage internal door

Garage door to backyard

I have a portico roof!

I love it!

The thingy over the garage

Ooooooh a door is open - this means ACCESS!! woohoo!

Ensuite basins

Ensuite basins

RHS ensuite cupboard

LHS ensuite cupboard

The doors are off again and ready to be repainted

Window frame

Window frame

Pantry cupboard

Pantry shelf

Island bench cupboard, between the cutlery drawers and the dishwasher and some paint!

Under the sink

Kitchen sink

To the left of the sink and more paint!

RHS of stove

LHS of range hood

Above range hood

RHS of range hood

I have a laundry sink

The laundry cupboard

Bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cupboad - way too small :(


Linen cupboard

Skirting boards

The black thing in the backyard





  1. you got ducks - what!!! my son will be jealous - that's one of his few words he can say "ducks!"

    I love the pics of inside of every cupboard! lol

  2. Wow it's all looking great.
    I still can't get over how fast houses get to this stage in the east.

    Hmm cows, rabbits and ducks eh. well I can match you on the rabbits and cows but no ducks here. however I raise you with a bunch of kangaroos instead. :)

  3. Thanks Annie, I got asked to provide the pics of inside the cupboards :) The ducks are great, I'm sure once the water dries up they will all go back to the proper lake though.

    @KexKez oh we have Kangaroos in the area too, but I haven't yet seen one from my house.
    They do go up quickly don't they! I'm really really hoping there is only 4 weeks to go!

  4. I am blown away how quickly your house is going up, is this normal or did you slip them something extra on site?? lol ;)

    I'll be taking pics of absolutely everyone also hehehe and I can't wait!!!

    Looking fantastic :D

  5. Thanks Eljay! For my house, this pace is pretty normal, in fact I think compared to Beejay and Erinleigh I'm maybe a week behind where they were at - they aim for 14-16 weeks and I'm now in week 12. I look forward to see your pics!

  6. Cows huh? hehehe
    It's all looking good Lis.

  7. Cows H, you will feel right at home, but no cobwebs :P