Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being fixed

I've been quiet on here the past few days as not much has really been happening - I'm now at that point where it feels like it all slows down as the fiddly work that takes time begins.

I emailed my N my CSA on Friday and she has helped to explain the whole handover process a bit for me, which I kind of already knew but was getting a bit unsure as some builders do it differently. She said as soon as she knows some dates for me then she will let me know - I just want to be in by the end of September!!

I went past on Monday night not expecting to see any changes and I was very happy to see that I now have downpipes!! This should help reduce the amount of water all over the place which equals less mud!

Fixing should have started yesterday with the skirts and architraves being done which should take a week and then towards the end of next week the painter should start and could take a week and then the tiler will take a week and then 10days for the fit out and then maybe add a week onto that.... that takes me to about 18th to 25th September which is 5 - 6 weeks which is also around week 16-17 of construction mark

I also mentioned to B that I am hoping to move in by the end of September and he seems to think that shouldn't be a problem.

I've just checked PD24/7 site and it looks like my fixing invoice will arrive on Friday or Monday - my penultimate invoice and payment!! Woooooohoooooo!

I really LOVE seeing this thermometer grow

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