Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have a kitchen and cleaned bricks!

My kitchen is in -squeal- I LOVE it!! Ahhh so glad to see all the colours come together so well and look good! It's always difficult from such small sample cards!

Now that they have fixed the garage they have also cleaned all my bricks! My doors, skirts and architraves have also been delivered - it's all go go go!!

I got a quote today on security doors, about $1600 for the three which is steel frame and steel mesh on the front door and family room sliding door and a diamond grill pattern aluminium door for the laundry - I'm happy enough with that quote and they seem like really nice guys. He told me they need 4 weeks to make them, but if it takes longer than that to install then it's no worries, they will just hold them for me. They also don't need a deposit!

I also got a guy out to do a quote for me for fences and I should get that in the mail. Sensational guys, really nice and friendly and turned up on time! However the same can't be said for the guy meant to be doing the concrete quote today :( I called him and he said he totally forgot and hadn't written it down - at least he was honest! He is going to come out on Sunday morning to give me a quote. I'm also still waiting for the concreters quote from yesterday to come through...

The brick cleaners have chipped quite a lot of bricks, some deeply but most is just around the edges and I'm really not sure I'm all that fussed about it to be honest, although I haven't checked the alfresco area - after a few weeks the colour will soften and should blend in with the rest... hrmmm not sure if it's worth while making a fuss over or not.

It's all happening and now for the photos!!

Chateau Lisa

LHS of garage all fixed

RHS of garage - all even!

Nice and clean!!

Blind side of house all cleaned

Garage all cleaned

A chipped brick -not sure if I am all that fussed about it though

Another chipped brick

More chips, but there really aren't a lot as deep as like this one

Chips n the bricks - there are LOTS like this though... again not sure if I mind so much, the colour will dull over time

Another like the previous one

Door and door frames have been delivered!

Skirting boards and architraves have been delivered too!

My kitchen!!!! YaY!!! -squeal- top cupboards are Rock Maple and the bottom cupboards are Fini Chocolate

Pot drawers on the left side of the oven

Right side of the oven

The island bench, the sink will go over the closest cupboard

I'm going to need a step ladder for the top cupboards

Right hand side of the dishwasher location and my cutlery drawers

A different configuration

Fridge and oven on the left, island bench on the right

Vents under the cupboards above the fridge - not a storage place for wine or chocolate! ;)

Laundry bench and cupboard

Laundry benchtop - Laminex Limestone

I love it!!


  1. K-k-k-k-k-kitchen!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Tell me, is the kitchen your most exciting moment so far? I'm really looking forward to cabinetry going in (eventually) but I am also shitting myself that I may have picked crap colours! hahaha

    Everything looks fantastic!

  2. YaY!!! It's pretty darn exciting! I think it just pips the bricks excitement! It's such a relief to see the colours work well!!

  3. I can't believe how fast your house is coming together! So exciting!!! Our build doesn't start until end of September, about to go through the whole colour selection process. So I can totally understand your relief about the colours working well. You kitchens looking great!

  4. Your bricks look awesome all washed up. Although the chips would drive me crazy - I wonder if they have touch up paint?!
    Your kitchen's great. :) Heaps of storage space. I love the 3 pot drawers & all the natural light.

  5. @Tim and Fiona - thank you!! I'm also amazed at the speed, I hope it stays at this pace! Goodluck with your colours - go with what your gut feels!

    @Sirona - I know paint chips bother some people, but I think with the style I have they will blend in and add character once the colour softens in the weather. I am loving the natural light - it was a major thing for me, I needed the living area's to be west or north facing and I even added in the extra window in the meals area (which is east facing) just to let even more light in - I had dark houses!
    Re the pot drawers - I love them but I wish I had the bottom one bigger than the other two! ahh well cups and glasses will probably go in the top two and maybe plastic containers in the bottom one - not sure where the pots will go - actually that reminds me, I need to check out storage solutions for cupboards! I like the idea of adding in a rolling shelf so things don't get lost up the back of the cupboard

  6. Just new to your blog - I love your kitchen. It's exactly what I want to do in my own place. Can you tell me how much room you've left between the two benchtops, as this is my current dilema!

  7. Hi Jodie, Thanks! The gap is 1090mm which is the standard space for this house plan. I think it's a bit narrower when compared to a lot of other plans, but I like it :)