Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More paint and my kitchen bench!!

I got to my house again today just as the painters had literally locked up!! They let me in again which was awesome :D
I asked them if they knew that the inside of the front door was meant to be the same as the outside and they didn't know - it doesn't have it on their sheet - ahh well they know now! He then went and got the tin of paint and the colour is actually quite a bright purple and not a dusty purple as per the sample card... he asked me if I was sure that I wanted the inside in that colour as I have quite natural neutral colours inside and I replied with 'Yeah!!! :D' hehehe Now I've seen the colour I'm really not as confident but stuff it, it's only a door if I hate it I will re do it LOL!! But I know I'm gonna love it!! (I hope in a wacky zany way)

I also discovered that my kitchen benchtops have been delivered and installed!! :D

Anyway, onto the photos!

Shiny! The doors are all done

The door frames are done too

Front door completed, but in the wrong colour - I explained it to them today so they will re do it

Family room

My kitchen bench top has been installed!!

Close up

Rumpus room and you can see the cows!

Shiny! The window frames have all been done too


  1. Great pix! I've chosen Bone for my architraves & skirting. Going by your photos, it should turn out nicely. :)

  2. ooh nice one Sirona! What colour walls did you choose?

  3. Looks great Lisa. Next time you're out there can you take a photo of your kitchen bench and cupboards so you can see what the thickness looks like? Having seend Beejay's 40mm thick benches I love them but couldn't justify the $2700 to "upgrade".

  4. Thanks Michael! I will do my best to remember but it might not be for a few days!!