Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bits N pieces

The inside painting has now been completed and the doors are back on! None of the outdoor painting has been done yet though. I spoke to the painters about the inside of the front door but I have also emailed N my CSA about it to ensure that it is re-painted.
The wet area's have also been water proofed, I have my bathtub and the tiles have all been delivered ready for a start tomorrow (hopefully!)

The photo's are from the past two days and are all taken through the windows.
I was asked to provide some picture of how thick the bench top is too, so they are below

The painting inside is completed and the doors are back on

The painting in the garage is completed

Bath hob has been water proofed

Bathroom shower is water proofed

Benchtop with carboard on top

Benchtop again with the cardboard on top

You can just see it, the corner of the ensuite shower hob has been water proofed

Delivery from Frank Walker! (National Tiles) - the long tube is also from them, no idea what's in it though - any thoughts?

Messages to the tiler

I have a bath tub!!!

Holding it up

mmmmmmmm Bath


  1. Thanks for the bench pics Lisa. It looks great.

    We have trenches and some pipes on our block now :) very exciting. Weather permitting the slab is poured on Wendesday!

  2. oh! The tube from national tiles. I may have your tile edging in it?

  3. No worries Michael! Oooh you could be right about the tube!! Good thinking!

    Oooh I need to go check out your blog :)