Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fixing has begun!

Well the fixing stage has begun and I have doors and shelves and on Monday I got downpipes!

The photo's are taken through my dirty windows so excuse the quality

Chateau Lisa - see my downpipe!


A thingy - is this important, can it be buried? I think it's to do with the storm water

Deliveries! No idea what for (no not the gyprock, that's old)

I think this is the outdoor plaster for the portico roof

Meals and family room - something's been happening

Master bedroom looking into the WIR - I have a door and a shelf!!

A shelf in the cupboard of bed 2

Another door!

From the rumpus window looking to the front door

Templates measured for the kitchen bench

My pantry has shelves!

I am soooooooo sick of mud! This is my alfresco area

I think someone got bogged in my driveway

This is my made street - it looks muddier than the dirt road behind my block

My house!! :D (with over the road stealing power)


  1. Coming along really nice :-) Over the road is stealing your power? WTF? Did anyone ask you first?

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for that :)

    No idea if they asked my SS or not, but while I'm not paying the electricity bill I'm not that fussed! Once I move in though I'm thinking about putting padlock on it or something though ;)

  3. Its coming along great Lisa. I'm not looking forward to all the mud either.....

    The timber delivery could be for the architraves around the doors maybe???

    Tomorrow is the big day for us, although we STILL don't have our final drawings. Were told today!!!

  4. @Michael what do you mean you don't have final drawings? Haven't they sent them to you to sign off on?

    I'm thinking the timber could some how be for the portico ceiling, all the door arc's and the skirts have already been delivered

  5. It's coming along really well. It looks awesome!! Nice to see what the R21 is like as they have none on display and yours is the only one I've seen. I have no idea what it's like to walk through (even though I bought one...haha). Thank you for posting pics and letting us share the journey with you :)
    ~ Oze

  6. Thanks Oze! When does your build start?

    I was the same, I hadn't walked through one before buying, kind of annoying but I'm glad I decided to build the R21 and not the R23.

    I learned a lot from other people's building blogs so if someone can learn something from mine than that's good :) It's such a steep learning curve! If you can handle the mud you should go up and take a look through my windows.

  7. Cool thanks Lisa. Can I ask why you prefer the R21 over the R23? I'm the same. I prefer the kitchen and rumpus in the R21, along with a bigger alfresco, but prefer the ensuite in the R23.
    ~ Oze

  8. Hey Oze I don't really like how the kitchen and the study open up on each other in the R23 and then the rumpus. When I was looking at the R23 I wanted to move the wall from between the rumpus and the study to block it off from the kitchen and then have one BIG room, the R21 kinda solved all that for me