Monday, August 24, 2009

Update and TDL

So a quick update, painters should be being busy little bee's at my house starting today and the tiler is booked in to start on Friday! B my SS should be back on deck on Monday, so hopefully Monday or Tuesday I could have a date for the Final Inspection! -squeal-

I called a removalist company today and got a quote of $470 for the move so I've told them I will let them know when I have a date! I've also called my fencing guy and left him a message as he hasn't given me a quote yet :(

The past few day's I've been thinking a LOT about what to do once I am in my house and making a bit of a list. I started off thinking about my vegie patch and how I was going to water it. I figure I will install drip irrigation that can hook up to either the rain water tank or mains water. I then figured I should investigate the water restrictions and quickly discovered that you can no longer get exemptions for watering new turf - you can't water ANY grass with mains water anymore! Fair enough I suppose too. What this means is that I will either need an almost full rain water tank or some kind of grey water system. I figure I will run drip irrigation lines on top of the soil and under the turf and run it back to the rank and have the option for hooking up some grey water to it too.
At the Home Show on the weekend I found this nifty little grey water system that is the size of a giant wheelie bin. It comes with some filtery stuff for the in water (so say from your washing machine) and then also has a pump and a hose connected to it and as you need to use grey water within 24hrs it's the perfect size! I could use that to water my lawn with from a fixed point near the back door and also be able to wheel it around the garden to water plants! Noice!

Anyway, so with all this thinking about irrigation for the lawn and vegies I realised that it might take a bit longer to do the garden and I should probably wait until it is done before I get a dog too :( It just makes sense to do it that way though.

So here is my To Do List for once I am in my house and in no specific order at all - I will work out the order once I am in and see which one annoys me the quickest and needs doing:
  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Vegie garden beds
  • Irrigation for vegie garden
  • Water tank
  • Grey water wheelie bin
  • water tank pump
  • Irrigation for lawn
  • Lawn
  • Front garden

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