Monday, August 24, 2009

I have paint!

I got to my house today just as the painters were leaving, talk about great timing!! It looks like the first coat is done for the entire house in one day! Not so sure I'm happy about that though when I see the quality of it, it's quite patchy in parts and I'm not sure if I am getting two or three coats of paint... hrmmm
There is also a couple of fails with the covering up of cabinets in the kitchen :( Does anyone know if they are able to remove the paint from the laminex or if they need replacing?

Walls are Bone and the roof is white and the front door will be Bienale inside and out once it's done

Hallway and front door - I wonder if the painters realise that the front door is meant to be the same inside as the outside and not the same as the walls

Outside not done

Master bedroom

First coat is a bit rough in quite a number of places

Family, meals and kitchen which is all covered up... sort of

Kitchen, meals and family room

A bit thin... will have to make sure I check for these kinds of things after the final coat

Fail! I hope they have something that will clean the paint off my kitchen cabinets

Even bigger fail - again I hope they can clean this up



  1. cool, looking good. id be a little worried about the paint on your laminex as well. although if it was impossible to remove they'd know to be very careful so it should be okay

  2. Thanks Bill! Someone on H1 has said it's pretty easy to get off, so that is GREAT news!!

  3. How awesome is it looking!! Apparently we only get 2 coats of paint which sucks. It's really only 2 undercoats :(
    We're thinking either 'new pearly gates' or 'new soft blush'. But I now like the Bone you have too.
    ~ Oze

  4. Thanks Oze! Yeah I think it is only 2 coats, but as long as the second coat on the walls is with a roller it should improve a lot!

    I still can't believe they did the entire first coat of the house in one day!

    I went with a safe colour, I wanted a warm colour but not a dark colour.

  5. Your house look fantastic! Can't wait to see when it's done so we can steal some of your ideas :).

  6. Thanks Climbaholic! That's what so great about all the builder bloggers - getting idea's from other people actually doing it!