Thursday, August 20, 2009

Understanding the handover procedure

I just had a great conversation with N my Admin person at PD. Firstly, B my SS is on leave this week and all of next - things should still be done and it's probably a good time in regards to my build with the painters scheduled to start today and then the tilers can come in. In the mean time one of the construction managers will be looking after it all for me.

So PD Access (not sure if it is all of PD or not) are currently changing their handover procedures a bit. They used to schedule the final inspection, PCI and settlement from when the final inspection was booked in for. Now they are booking in the final inspection and then based on the results of that they are then scheduling the PCI and settlement which kinda makes sense.

Final inspection is the inspection done on the building works and the Certificate Of Occupancy (COO) is based on this and it is this inspection that decides if the COO can be released or not.
If it is decided that the COO will be released and nothing else needs doing for that, then they will schedule the PCI for a few days later and settlement is always 7 days from the PCI!

As my SS is on holiday's, N is waiting to speak to the construction manager about my file (should be tomorrow) to see where it's at and if the final inspection can be booked in yet or not and also to confirm the actual procedures as it's still a new process. Also, a date probably wont be booked in until my SS is back from leave.

Hopefully the painters have started today!

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  1. Its a great day for painting!! I bet you can't wait to move in now.