Saturday, August 29, 2009

More tiling photos but from inside

I had a bit of time to kill this morning so naturally I went up to my house :D I also managed to find a door that was left unlocked! Sweeeeeeet! I got lots of photo's and spent a long time checking out all the paint work - I'm VERY impressed with the painting!! There are some marks and scratches but they are probably from the tilers - it happens.
Also, happy to report that the previous photo's of the paint on the cabinet work has been fixed!

Side of bath (Chocolate Matt) and floor tiles (Agra Sandstone). The top of the bath will be the same as the side

Shower in the bathroom

Bath plumbing, the shape in the concrete makes sense now - that water is still there grrr

Toilet! I like how they have done the tiles in here (Agra Sandstone)

Laundry (Loft Walnut)

Kitchen (Loft Walnut)

Bathroom/ensuite/toilet floor tiles (Agra Sandstone) next to the kitchen/entrance/laundry (Loft Walnut)

Ensuite shower (Mulia Gloss white with a strip of Chocolate Matt). The Bathroom shower will have the same strip

Shower base and floor tile (Agra Sandstone)

Close up of the feature strip (Chocolate Matt)

Damaged vanity in the ensuite

Completed paintwork

Two deep scratches on the front door

Bath support - it's actually a row of bricks and then cement or something

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