Saturday, May 9, 2009


I signed my new loan doc's yesterday up in Sydney. The paperwork was actually correct in that they had my middle name on everything. My gawd, something went right!

Still no word from my mortgage broker about making Westpac pay the penalty interest but I have had some advise from the good people on H1 and have a path to follow before I lodge anything with the Financial Ombudsman.

I'm so down about it all and just so meh towards the whole building process right now. Screw you Westpac for making me feel like this.


  1. Congrats on FINALLY signing those new loan docs! That must feel good? Try to stay positive, there must be so much more good than bad when it comes to building. Just keep picturing the end product!

  2. Once they start on site, this bit will all be forgotten. But I agree, god it is frustrating living through it.