Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Permits - tick!

I just logged into the PD 24/7 site and saw some progress! My permit(s) were received yesterday! YaY!

Not sure if this means that the DA has been on the on the colours and the design yet - lets hope so.

** Edit: it does include the DA and I will get them tomorrow in the mail. They are still waiting on the final engineering drawings to be done which should be this week


  1. Hi Lisa

    Things are moving in the right direction. You must be getting excited now.

    When were you given access to the PD 24/7 site? We've not heard anything as yet.


  2. Hi Michael,

    I got a letter in the mail about it, if you don't have your username and password yet, let your CSA know and they can send it out to you.

    L :)

  3. Looking... well sounding good Lisa hurry up so we can get this race on lol....

  4. haha I soooooo want it to hurry up too so I can race you! :D