Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Construction Drawings

I got home to find my construction drawings in the mail and they all look correct YaY!

It looks like my alfresco isn't in the slab design, I assume as someone suggested that it's because I didn't want it under the roof line, but I'm ok with that as I will get it done the same as the driveway.

The construction drawings are quite interesting, all the detail of the concrete and bricks etc etc! Oh and I am having 18 piers done with a P/H slab... Am I safe to assume that I am fortunate my site fees are fixed at about $10k?


  1. Check your construction drawings 1000 times. And once you are 100% sure that they are correct... check them again! lol

    Fixing your site costs was definitely a winning decision!!!

  2. Yup I plan to check, check and then double check again! Thankfully I didn't really change much though