Friday, May 29, 2009

Security door's aren't cheap!

Yesterday I decided to stop at a security door place and get a rough cost on the price of some security doors.
For a steel mesh one for the front door and a sliding one for the living area and then an aluminium diamond pattern door for the laundry I'm looking at about $1,600 - $1,700 - ouch! I didn't think they would cost that much but I want to get good quality ones as it's not something that's going to need replacing.

The money I have saved up is is going to be far from enough for everything... bugger! Throw in about $400 - $500 for fly screens and there goes my couch money as I want to have some money towards my blinds still. The couch might have to go on interest free or something instead of paying cash and that's OK providing it's paid off in the interest free time frame (which I always do!).

I'm also trying to work out my money today to figure out how much I need to put aside for rent and mortgage and living and then how much can go into my ING and it's all just doing my head in.... I might just leave my pay in my normal account for now and then once I've paid my rent and mortgage next pay I will know where I am at.

I also need to pay car rego and car insurance... gah too many things to do with money on my mind!

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