Monday, May 18, 2009

Good job Westpac

Westpac have confirmed that they are going to be reimbursing me the penalty interest charged by the developer and with interest! YaY!

I'm very please with the way that Westpac has handled this and re-confirms how everyone that I have personally dealt with at Westpac has been very good customer service wise.

Westpac also offer a service whereby you can fill in a form for verbal authorisation of the payment to the builder - I'm definitely signing up for that, heaps easier than filling in paperwork each time.

I've also just spoken with my CSA and the permits should be back by the end of the week and hopefully next Tuesday we will have a starting date!!

I had also heard that others building a PD Regent had their towel rails in the ensuite put above the toilet roll holder - how stupid! So I mentioned that I would like that not to be installed, but provided so that I can determine at a later date where I would like it - maybe in the WIR?

I should also get my final drawings at the end of the week or early next week too!

How exciting!! Stuff is happening again! :D


  1. Congratulations!! Good to hear that it is all now back on track.


  2. Thanks J! It's all fun and exciting again now :)