Thursday, May 7, 2009

And it just gets worse

It gets worse... I just got the below email from my solicitor. I have forwarded it onto my mortgage broker and she is going to investigate and raise it with her manager and see what can be done about it.

I have advised the Developer of the delay due to the Bank having to redo mortgage documents.

They have advised that they will be charging penalty interest for late settlement. So if settlement takes place on the 14th May, 2009 then penalty interest will come to $547.15. They had previously granted us an extension of the settlement date penalty interest, but now they are insisting on penalty interest.

I can understand why the developer has done this seeing as though this is now the third time that settlement has had to be changed due to the bank, but I do not wish to be paying this on top of the extra month or so in rent that I'm already having to pay due to the bank taking so long and making an error on the printing of my name.

The developer could have done worse than charge me interest too, but thankfully they haven't

I think I'm now beyond angry

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