Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Complaint lodged with Westpac

I followed up with my broker yesterday about the complaint in regards to the penalty interest and after a few phone calls, I need to contact the mortgage centre myself.
So I have called the number my broker gave me and have lodged a complaint. He tried to tell me that my mortgage broker requested the change... ? I don't believe it. I re-stated to him that all my notorised documentation as well as all my land and building contracts all have my middle name, so it is the banks fault.

The complaints area will take 3 days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and then a further 7-10 days to look into it.

I'm so angry and annoyed with Westpac, but yet everyone I have dealt with directly at Westpac has been really great which makes it a really odd situation.

I can also confirm that the new documents were received yesterday in Adelaide and my broker has told me that she has escalated it to get settlement ASAP. Hopefully I know more this afternoon.

Oh, and I went past the block on the weekend and I have a lot number sign with a sold sticker! It made me really excited about -something- happening and then I got all sad again cos it's still not officially mine yet...

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  1. Hi Lisa. Hopefully this all works out for you. The bank is responsible for this stuff up..

    We got formal approval from the bank this morning so Project Regent is becoming reality!!!!