Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slab Date

As promised, today I got reimbursed by Westpac for the penalty interest that I was charged by Stockland, the estate developer for delaying settlement.

I have to say, I am extremely pleased with the way that Westpac has handled my complaint about this. Unlike my loan application, it was very hassle free and pleasant, although I think my application issues were mostly with my broker.

I also got official notification from N that my site start is Monday June 1st :D AND the date the slab is booked in to be poured is June 12th, which is a Friday, which is a pay day which means Slab Party! ;) :D


  1. ohhh did someone say slab party lol.... good to hear your getting more dats and that westpac have reinbursed you!

  2. Friday 12th June... can I come play and look at the slab?? **pencils in "beer" in diary** lol

    Great work from Westpac. Renews some faith in banks.

  3. VERY happy with Westpac! Their customer service is great (their mortgage centre with mortgage brokers though....)

    I have it marked in my diary already guys! :D I might need to organise a driver, lol!