Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do I believe it?

Firstly, I have a settlement time and date for 3pm tomorrow, but I wont believe it until it actually happens.

I feel physically ill.

This morning, after calling my mortgage broker an hour ago for an update, to not have one, an hour later I got a call back from her. Evidently my file is currently being looked at by someone in Westpac and providing nothing else is required, tomorrow morning it should be fine for settlement and that I need to call my solicitor to get her to call them in the morning and arrange a time for it to happen tomorrow.

I call my solicitor, she isn't impressed. She said that if that is the case there is no way that settlement will happen tomorrow, it's not enough notice as the bank is in Adelaide and not Melbourne. She is going to call this afternoon and see if she can find out anything.

Meanwhile my solicitor also tells me that she is sick as a dog and her Dr is telling her to rest and threatening her will hospitalisation due to pneumonia if she doesn't rest.

There is also a shortfall that needs to be paid tomorrow. My mortgage broker has been telling me the whole time that the shortfall will be at the end... umm no, it's now needed tomorrow for settlement.

I've had to go to my local branch, fill in some paperwork to authorise the bank to withdraw the shortfall of funds from my Westpac account. The problem with that is that I only have $4 in there as I haven't started using it and because I haven't started using it, it isn't connected to my ING Direct bank account which is where my savings is.

I've logged in and transferred the money to my Bendigo Bank account, so it will be there in the morning, then tomorrow I need to get to the Bendigo Branch to withdraw said cash, then drive to the Westpac branch and deposit the cash before they try to withdraw it for the settlement.

My solicitor said to me today that in her 15 years of doing this, she has never encountered a settlement like this before - so disorganised and they just seem to not care about their clients. She is disgusted about how this has been handled... which explains why she has had enough! She seriously can't believe it. In a way I'm glad that is not normal, but so annoyed it's happened to me.

I am so ill it's not funny.

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