Monday, May 18, 2009

Start by June 5th

Someone else I know building with PD was told during the week that if they didn't meet their site start then it would be pushed back to October - ARGH! So I emailed my CSA on Friday to ask if that would also happen to me and her reply was:
Once construction have your file we will commence with in 2 weeks of this, whether that's may or June. I don't know your friends job so I can't really comment on what she has been advised from her Customer service assistant. But be rest assured when we hand your file to construction on the 22nd May we will commence as soon as we can.

I'm thinking that this could be yet another difference with Access v's Prestige and Lifestyle builds OR it's the number of houses they have booked in ready to go in the area's...

So, this means that I should see something happen on site before June 5th!! :D

I drove past my block on the weekend and saw that a few blocks in my stage have finally started to build! Some of them had temporary fencing, I hope the council hasn't changed their regulations about the temp fencing - I don't want yet another cost especially cos I have car rego and insurance due which is going to make another dent in the savings account.

Hopefully this week the permits come in and I get my final house drawings to sign off on.

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