Thursday, May 21, 2009

PD 24/7 is handy

I was clicking around the PD 24/7 site today and I noticed that I have a Construction Supervisor! So I PM'ed another person building with PD and asked them if that's my site supervisor and it is!! YaY! I have a SS now, lets call them B :D

I also noticed that proof of land ownership didn't have a date, so I emailed N to find out if what I sent her yesterday was ok and then 10 minutes later she replied saying yes and then I had a date in there. I then also asked about the the field for Availability of Funds and she told me Choice had to send her something, so I forwarded that to my MB and I got an email back before saying that they only got the request this morning and have sent off what they need - I wonder if that was sent off to them after my email enquiry?!?! Either way, it's done and can be ticked off!

I got my plans and permits in the mail today from PD - pretty boring really, but it does at least have the final drawings and the kitchen is correct but one of the doors is still incorrect :( I need to send these off to the bank now to show it's all been approved.

My file will go to the construction department tommorrow!! YaY!

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  1. Good to see that N is responsive to you. Still slack with us, but have now set the expectation for communication. I'm really angry about what we were told re the external garage door dead lock during contract signing, but we're getting it now we pointed out that all their display homes have it.