Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not Happy Jan

Nearly two weeks ago I found out that my SS was on leave for two weeks, that's fine that's part of life, but N my CSA told me that he would be back on Monday of this week. He isn't. He isn't back until tomorrow, Wednesday. I'm slightly annoyed by this. As I thought he was back on Monday, I figured I would give him a day to catch up and get back into things and give him time to call me instead of me calling him. This morning it got the better of me and I called him - his voice mail says he isn't back until tomorrow, that is how I found out!

I emailed N and asked for an update and her reply was 'B will be in the office tomorrow, I will know more then' Wednesday is office day when all the SS' go in for meetings or updates or something.

I currently feel very annoyed and let down as N told me that the dates for the Final Inspection and then the PCI and handover wouldn't be done until B is back in the office and not once did she correct me when I said I hope to find out on the Monday or Tuesday. I find that a bit rude.
I know it's only a few more days, but that's a few more days of paying rent, a few more days of not knowing dates of when I can expect to get my keys to my house! It's a few more days of waiting with no end date -sigh-

Anyway, no movement at the house yesterday except for the boxes of tiles being moved into the garage for some reason. The tilers weren't there to finish the tiling and the grouting as they said they would be. I'm wondering if it's because I locked the sliding door... when I went there yesterday the door was again unlocked, after I had locked it and I am wondering if the tilers couldn't get in to finish the job... lets hope they do today!

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