Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's sinking in

I'm sitting here in my loungeroom and I've just gone over the colours package I was given this morning and I think it is now just sinking in that I am building a house... I am building my very own house.


I've never really put much thought into things I want in a house as I figured I would be buying an existing place and you get what you get so to speak, but now that's all changed.
I will have a backyard with a garden and a big vegie patch and a compost. I will have a double car garage with a remote. I will have an ensuite and WIR! I will have a massive oven (mmm roast!) I will build an outdoor area that I want to build. I will have a second loungeroom.


I have a massive grin on my face at the moment :D


  1. Hey Lisa,

    Congratulations! It's a really stressful time, but soooexciting. Good luck with the build. We are building an Illoura 36 (extended to 40) but if it was just DH and I, I would have the regent or paddington. I loved both designs.

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