Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking the ball and running

After reading about someone's not so unconditional loan approval, I decided to call Choice this morning as I haven't received a letter to say it's done, just verbally, She re-confirmed that I am pre-approved subject to valuation! She did however have concerns about my contract date being on the 27th and finance clause on land expiring on April 8th.

I then decided to run with the ball and call PD myself to speak to my CSC - I got through to her and explained about the above and we have now moved my contract signing date to March 20th to give us an extra week. She also said that it doesn't matter that my tiles appointment is after this - ??

She is also going to be emailing me a copy of the HIA contract for me to look over (hello softcopy!)

I also requested that she put the driveway and fencing allowance back into my contract and asked that the heater be removed and a credit be applied - she isn't sure that this can be done but said that she would talk to management. I nicely said I wanted it removed and a credit applied as I have heard bad things about the standard heater and I want to get the heater and add on aircon done as the same brand for convenience sake. Any idea what I should do if they don't provide a credit for it?


  1. Lisa, what heater is it? and who told you that it wasn't any good? We are getting cooling added onto the heater after handover. We are getting the same brand, just upgrading the controller to allow for this.


  2. It's the Vulcan V4 30i XA gas ducted heating unit. When I was talking to someone about a quote for an add on air con they asked what the heater is and they said it wasn't a great unit.

    Which one have you been told you are getting?