Saturday, February 21, 2009

Colours Part 2

I have been to Hopetoun Interiors again today and have changed a few things but also have photo's of some other things, so here we go again, I should point out the main changes are in the kitchen to the cupboards and splashback:

Where the images are cut off - click on them for the full image

Bricks: Boral - Brushwood (now a photo)

Roof Tiles: Barramundi

Window Frames: Merino (a light colour)
Garage Door: Sectional panel master door, CB Paperbark (changed from Jasper), its lighter than this makes it look

I will probably also do the gutters and down pipes in CB Paperbark too - not sure if I should match it to the garage or the roof.

Render: Flood mud (crappy photo)

Internal Door Handles: Avilla Lever in Satin Chrome

Carpet: 8575 old leather cut pile plush (the middle one)

Tiles in front entrance, kitchen and Laundry: ETAFL504

Kitchen Benchtop: Ceasar Stone Coral Reef

Cabinet Doors: Formica Fini Chocolate - these will also be the laundry and both bathroom cabinet doors - the sample is darker than this looks

Overhead Cabinet Doors: Laminate Rock Maple

Glass Splashback: Snuggle Pie, as below

Together, splashback, stone and cupboards

Cabinet Handles: Bow Pull, Satin Chrome

Ensuite Vanity Basin: Valentino Basin Stepped Vessel - its round and deep

Ensuite Vanity Tapware: Mizu 1500 pinmixer

Main Bathroom Sink: The standard one

Bathroom Colours: For both ensuite and main - laminex version of kitchen stone bench and the same lower cupboards. top tile is floor, lower tile is walls with the long brown one as a column feature in each shower

Wall Paint: I'm thinking either Bone, New Vanilla Cream
Roof and Cornices: Maybe New Pale Cream or Bouquet Orchid
Front Door: Biennale AC or Midnight Passion AC

This image makes the Midnight Passion a lot lighter than it is, it's actually darker than the Biennale


  1. +1 for the change of cabinet colour :-)

  2. Thanks H, yeah I am happier with these choices

  3. Hi Lisa - we are having the same brick as well as the paperbark - I look forward to seeing how yours looks - best of luck with the build - Bec