Sunday, February 15, 2009

Are we there yet?

I'm getting a bit frustrated now. Once I make my mind up about something, I do it pretty much then and there. Sure, it can take me sometime to make up my mind, but once I've decided I just can't see any point in waiting... this whole building process is going to drive me nuts! To think that I wont be in my house (saying MY house feels weird and yet great!) until probably September or October is driving me nuts! I want it now! NOW NOW NOW!! -stamps foot- ;) It will be worth the wait and these things just take time, but that doesn't make it less frustrating.

Today I got a few colour samples for my green splashback from Bunnings... still unsure on the colours. Today I also went through some display homes to check out bathroom colourings and I still don't know what I want, but hopefully now with a few more idea's, when I go back to Hopetoun I will be able to decide. I did notice that the displays did tend to have the bathrooms all the same and often the same cupboards as the kitchens.


  1. Sept/Oct will come around pretty quick!

    Yep the displays mostly seem to have the same cabinetry throughout. We haven't. I like the rooms being different to each other but that's me.

    I liked the colour boards they have up in H/toun now, I went there today. I could have done with some of them last April!

    I think you've made a great start. I had nothing picked on my first visit.....or even third!

  2. Yeah, it does seem to take forever. PD have their processes and timelines and they stick to them. I haven't heard of anyone getting to actual site in much less than 12 weeks.

    The good news is that once they actually start, then it seems to fly. We go to the block every night. Since we started, once the slab was down, there have only been about 5 days (apart from Sundays) where something did not happen. They even worked in 43 degree heat.

    Make sure you do your own colour boards/sample pages because even now I keep going back saying "which basin did I pick". As well as "why did I pick THAT?" LOL

    I'm like Toni, all our rooms have their own flavour. We have different colours/tiles/laminex in each of the rooms, so each has it's own distinctive look.

    You'll find what's right for you, but I agree it's hard (and fun) trying to decide.

  3. I'm heading back to Hoptoun this weekend so I think I will take my little camera with me to take photo's of it all so I don't forget what I've chosen, as it is I keep going back to the pictures I put up on here to check everything again