Saturday, February 14, 2009

Initial colour selections

Ok so today I went to Hopetoun Interiors and National Tiles display centres and what an overload!!! Seriously, I still don't have everything decided on and I should have taken my camera to photograph it all but I didn't.

I've tried to remain earthy and nuetral, Here is my rough idea's so far - I've tried to get some pictures online where possible

Bricks: Boral - Brushwood or Jarrah
Roof Tiles: Barramundi

or Sambuca

Window Frames: Merino (a light colour)
Garage Door: Sectional panel masta door in Jasper

I will probably also do the gutters and down pipes in Jasper too - not sure if I should match it to the garage or the roof.

Render: Flood mud or Mud skipper
Internal Door Handles: Avilla Lever in Satin Chrome

Kitchen Benchtop: Ceasar Stone Coral Reef

Cabinet Doors: Laminate Nocturne oak - these will also be the laundry cabinet doors

Overhead Cabinet Doors: Laminate Young Beech

Glass Splashback: Somewhere around Dulux Pale Green or garden pond, not sure yet

Cabinet Handles: Bow Pull, Satin Chrome

Ensuite Vanity Basin: Valentino Basin Stepped Vessel - its round and deep
Ensuite Vanity Tapware: Mizu 1500 pinmixer

Still not sure on bench tops and cupboards for bathrooms, I need to visit some more display homes and get ideas.

Carpet: 8575 old leather cut pile plush
Tiles in front entrance, kitchen and Laundry: ETAFL504 - I don't have a picture of them
Tiles for bathroom floors: NT4554FL - This is quite a dark image of it, the actual tile is quite a but lighter in colour

Feature tiles for shower: MAXWL005

Wall Paint: I'm thinking either Bone, New Vanilla Cream
Roof and Cornices: Maybe New Pale Cream or Bouquet Orchid
Front Door: Biennale AC or Midnight Passion AC

This image makes the Midnight Passion a lot lighter than it is, it's actually darker than the Biennale


  1. You've had a busy day! How did you find h/toun? If you want any link to blogs that have used some of the above selections let me know. I've been to a bloggers house that has Bone paint and nocturne oak cabinetry (we have it in our ensuite and p/room). We used Jarrah bricks and have the same handles but in polished finish.

    You've done well for your first visit, hope it was fun :-)

  2. oh and I am House-To-Be on H1 :-)

  3. I found Hopetoun very overwhelming - but I think that would happen regardless of where I was. It was well laid out and I liked being able to take samples around and see how things matched together, but I think they need a lot more sample boards of colour suggestions.

    I will go back again next weekend and try to pick some bathroom colours

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Just be careful about asking about upgrades etc at Hopetoun. Some of the people have no idea at all. We were told we could have any laminex from the brochure supplied. When we went for our appointment, we were told we could only pick from their board of samples. So I had done all my bathroom colours around a laminex I could not have. Not happy!!!

    Also, be aware that some things there are ONLY access or Lifestyle or Prestige. We wanted a tap that was only access, so we could not have it for our house (we are building Prestige).

    Be wary of them giving you ideas of price too. We were told later, that they are not supposed to. Some if the prices they gave us on the "look around" were wrong. Some heaps more, some less.

    What we know you can do now, is email and ask your CSC for a price for anything you see, she/he can then tell you if it is available and how much it will cost for your house. Much better idea.

    Hope this helps

  5. Thanks for the tips J! They didn't give me any idea of prices there which I found very furstrating. They should probably have someone from PD there to advise on prices.

    Is the CSC different to your sales person? I emailed my sales person on Friday and I still don't have a reply from her - not too happy about that

  6. Yep agree it's totally frustrating not being able to get prices. It's stupid really as everyone "should" be charged the same price for upgrades (and I know we don't) so I don't understand why thr big secret!

    Your CSC will be allocated to you once file is sent off from Sale to the Area Office. Once you have a contact then send him/her an email and get prices for everything that you can possibly think of. When you get to Tender then you can delete what you don't really need/afford or add on ones that you might.

    You'll get there in the end......we did....just....

  7. Thanks Toni, so I should hear from a CSC this week then.

    OK so I should pretty much add everything and then once it's all itemised and priced then remove what I don't really need, sweet! :)

  8. Loving your color scheme, very nice! We were tossing up between Brushwood and Jarrah but are going with Jarrah because they seem to be a bit darker and have more red then tan colors in them.
    I think we are going with the Sambuca tiles on the roof too!
    Were going with grey tones throughout the house, but i love the browns/naturals you have chosen.
    And i'm very jelous of your purple door still. Will look very nice!