Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've started!

I posted this on February 1st 2009 on my other blog and thought I would repost it here

So today I went for a drive out to the area that I plan to build and I ended up putting a holding deposit on some land! Yes, I now have land! How scary is that? Well let me tell you, VERY! It's going to be a house and land deal with the builder but I still need to buy the land separately, they just have that blocked ear marked for them. It is a 14m by 32m block which is what I wanted and the orientation that I wanted too.

OMG, I have land!

So this week I need to go over the contracts and everything and then go back next week to sign them and pay the rest of the deposit. OMG, I have land!

I got sooooooo nervous when it came time to actually say yes and do it and then put the money down! OMG I HAVE LAND!!

This is the biggest most important thing I think I have ever done financially and lifestyle wise or in fact ever really and I'm doing it all alone which also adds some stress.

Of course it is all subject to finance, so I can pull out any time I want to if I start to panic.

Once it's all signed and everything I will start a blog for it all

OMG I HAVE LAND! -breathes deeply-

These are taken on my phone:

My driveway - the rear of the block faces north which makes the yard North West which is what I wanted

The block is 3 houses from the corner of a street that runs along these trees and these trees will be staying as they are on land that the developers don't own - I really like these trees!

More of the trees, taken from my driveway:

And again the block:

OMG, I have land!! I still can't believe it!

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