Saturday, February 7, 2009

Land is signed!

I saw a new mortgage broker this week to get a different view/opinion/options etc and I discovered that Westpac will advance you your first home owners grants at land settlement if you have a signed building contract. This meant that the land estate needed to agree to delay the settlement for 60 days pending finance. After a worrysome 24hrs head office agreed to it YaY!! What this means is that upfront, I only need about $4,500 (which I have) and all the other fees and deposits etc that I need will come out of the grants.

Yesterday I took my land contracts to a solicitor to read over them and make sure they are OK and today I went up to Mernda Villages and signed them! :D :D

I also went to the mortgage broker with all the required documents to apply for pre-approval for the home loan. Once I have pre-approval I can then start to fast track the house contracts which involves appointments for colours, tiles and electricity plan, so there is lots to do!

Another photo of my block, taken today

Standing on my dirt :D

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