Monday, February 16, 2009


The standard insulation that comes with my house from my builder is R2.5 in the roof only. I emailed my sales person and asked what it would cos to upgrade and this is the response:
We can upgrade wall 2.0 $889 and Ceiling to R3.5 $911.
Please let them know at your colour selection appointment if you wish to include

If the budget will stretch, and I think it will, I think I will go ahead with it

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  1. Hi again Lisa,

    We upgraded both especially because the stuff they put in the ceiling is fluff and if you have allergies, asmtha etc it is not the best apart from the fact that the insulation properties decrease over time. We got R3.5 batts in the ceiling. The good news for us was that we put it in the external walls and when the 5 start rating came back, PD had to upgrade it to meet the 5 star rating, so we got a credit!

    You might also like to consider either putting in sound batts yourself in some internal walls or getting PD to do it. We have it in a lot of walls. The walls between the garage and the lounge room (don't want to hear power tools/enginge tuning inside the house) Walls between living areas and bedrooms. Nothing worse than trying to sleep when people are watching TV on the other side of the wall. Also the toilet/bathroom are other places to consider!

    You can buy it and do it youself during the build (I think Toni did this) your CSC will say no, but I've never heard of an SS turning anyone down.

    Just more things to think about!