Tuesday, February 17, 2009

National Tiles Called

I got a phone call from National Tiles today for my tiles appointment... soonest is March 25th... That's over a month away! :( -cry-

I asked to be put on a waiting list for anything earlier, she said that there were about 8 people already ahead of me.


I already know what tiles I want....


  1. ahh thats gotta suck.... waiting is the hardest thing.. im waiting on being assigned an administrator and my tender appointment... glad our colurs/tiles/electricals were all done in the one appointment at the one place

  2. The waiting game sure does suck! Apart from the pain of having to wait so long, it could push things out with my land settlement as I need my house contracts signed before my land settles and the 60 days subject to finance ends on April 4th