Friday, February 13, 2009

Changes already

I am finding that whenever I see a picture of a house or a garden I like or a kitchen, a lounge room - anything that is a house I am analysing it to see what kind of benches, drawers, paint, plants, colours etc they have! This is something very unusual for me but im kind of enjoying it at the same time - kinda sad really ;)

I am going to Hopetoun Interiors and National Tiles tomorrow to check out colours! The only idea's I have so far are that I want a deep darkish dusty purple front door, darkish tiles on the kitchen floor and light ones in the bathroom.

I find I am also deliberately trying to watch better homes and gardens and gardening australia


  1. I think we may have been seperated at birth.. seriously. You type what i think. My DP wont let me have a dark purple front door.I forget what the color was called in the brochure they gave me. (purples also my favourite color, i even brough a phone simply because it came in purple) I also want the dark tiles throughout the main living areas and the lighter colors in the bathroom. We have practicly picked out the same house too! Haha


  2. This is getting freaky now!! ;) hehe :)

    I'm definitely having a purple door!