Monday, February 23, 2009

Colours & electrical appointments booked in

I just got a call from Hopetoun Interiors, I have my colours appointment and my electrical appointment both on March 11th! :D Awesome :D A lot sooner than I expected seeing how far away my tiles appointment is with National Tiles.

The colours and the electrical are separate appointments, but they could get me in do do both one after the other which is handy.

It's all happening and yet it still seems to be taking forever!


  1. Make sure you get a really good nights sleep before hand! We did both in one day and by the end of it, it was almost ... whatever!

    When is your tender? We struck up a good relationship with our CSC and made sure she'd be available on the day. That way when we looked at upgrading things, we got the girl at hopetoun to call her to get accurate costs for the upgrades for our house. So, we got a price for bigger skirting, paint, taps, basins etc, that applied to our house/plans. Made it much easier when we knew exactly what each one would cost and could decide then whether to go for it rather than wait for contract. This is important because while some stuff is the same, e.g. a basin is a basin, things like skirting, roof tiles, window locks etc all vary from house to house so the price varies too.

    Sorry to rabbit on, we just found this very helpful.


  2. My CSC hasn't called me yet :( Hopefully tomorrow. The person I spoke to today said she can give a rough idea on colours only but I will get an accurate cost on electrical. I'm not changing much in the way of colours but I am with the electricals! For that I have enlarged the electrical map given and I'm going to make notes all over it.

    All good tips, thanks :D