Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have a rock

I think my soil tests have been done! I didn't have time to upload the photo's yesterday, but I will tonight :D

I also took a rock from my land... it was just sitting there and well I couldn't resist -blush- LOL I'm silly sometimes! They have also re-done the surveying of the block and all my little bits of wood with the lot numbers are visible and have even bigger sticks next to them with colourful ribbons on them clearly marking the lot edges - I hope I got a lot sign thingy up soon with a sold sticket on it!

I am now officially starting week 3 today and my CSC is still yet to call me and according to my sheet, this week PD should be ordering the 5 star rating and preparing my HIA fixed price contracts - how can they do this w/out all my changes to the insulation etc? I also still need to tell them that I don't want their heater installed.
By now I am meant to have had the opportunity to review my HIA contract and my CSC should have called - neither have happened. Hrmmm....

I also got a letter yesterday from Choice Home Loans saying that my file is now in head office and giving the name of the person who is now my contact and that I should get a letter confirming pre-approval once that's through, well I've been told it's through so I want my piece of paper!

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