Friday, February 13, 2009

I forgot to mention

I went to the new Spotlight in South Morang today - my gosh! I think that is going to be right up there with one of my new favourite shops once I am in my house! :D

Also, I've never before noticed how many adverts there are on TV for building houses! Seriously, are all these new or have they always been there and I just haven't realised?


  1. It's amazing what you will notice now. Seriously when I watch TV, I checkout the couches, wall colours, rugs etc.
    I also still have an obession with floor plans, even though we are at frame stage already! LOL.


  2. That Spotlight store is great isn't it? Have you checked out the new Westfields too? It's quite nice and I really like the fresh food area down the Safeway end. Give Mernda/Sth Morang another few years and it'll be fantastic.

    J, I still love going to displays! Looking forward to the news ones opening in MV in a few months.

  3. J - I am noticing everything!! I am actually paying attention to tv ads these days and magazine ads!

    Toni - Westfield is great! I've been there a number of times as I have family in Mill Park and Mernda.

    I've also heard that Safeway have bought the land opposite the Bridge Inn Pub, so a shop will be up there and there is going to be an IGA type supermarket and a couple of shops in Mernda Villages. Plus I realised that the bridge from Laurimar over the Plenty River is the other side of Masons Road and their supermarket in there is meant to be completed later this year - soooo many shops!