Sunday, February 8, 2009

House plans

This morning I went and met up with my Porter Davis sales person, F. She went though some paperwork with me and gave me copies of the detailed house plans with all the measurements etc. It's so nice seeing the detailed plans, working out the sizes of everything. It's also starting to get more enjoyable now and less stressful which I am glad about.

I will scan all the plan's tomorrow at work so that I can put them up online.

I've also decided that I will be getting quotes for the driveway, fencing and air-conditioner not through Porter Davis, which means I need to have them done before the building contracts are signed as I need to include them with the papers given to the bank for the final approval.

H also came with me today and had a few good suggestions about the house, frosted glass on the bathroom and ensuite windows, extra power points etc. I'm starting to build a list of things I need changed and added. I also decided today to put a window on the meals area wall for a bit more natural light, I will mark that on the maps once I've scanned them. I also took H up to the block to show it to her and she liked the position of it and the tree's too :)

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