Monday, September 14, 2009


My carpet was installed today! I'm not really sure I like it, I don't mean I hate it, but I expected it to be a bit darker and browner or something, it just seems a bit washed out in the meals and family room.
The colour is Old Leather

Master bedroom carpet

Meals area see how much lighter it looks

Bed 2 - see how much darker and browner it looks and not as washed out

Rumpus to the front door

Meals and family room

It sure had been, the windows were VERY clean!

Termite thingy

Good to see that they are the right ones


  1. hi lisa, I know "they" say that carpet and paint will always end up lighter than the samples, so I guess that's why it's a bit different to what you expected... if it helps, I love your colour! Looks great with the kitchen cups etc...

  2. Hey Annie, I haven't heard that before! Hrmm makes sense but now I know that at least my dark couches were a wise selection and I can go for dark wood furniture.
    I'm glad at least that the colours all go together!

  3. I think you've done well with the carpet colour. Dark wood furniture would look perfect! I'm also a little bit apprehensive about our carpet colour. It was the last thing we had to choose on the day, and we were so past it we just said 'that will do'. BTW Great view from the family room!

  4. Lisa your carpet goes really well with your other colour selections. I love the brown tones. Dark furniture will go perfectly!
    Was a pleasure meeting you the other day :)
    ~ Oze

  5. I just love the those colour combinations and those massive windows will definately gives you heaps of natural lights. Very Nice!

  6. WOW Lisa. Almost there. It's all looking great. When is the housewarming?? Michael :)

  7. @Tim and Fiona - Thank you! I get what you mean by selecting it at the end and being OVER IT! Gawd there is just sooo much to choose!

    @Oze - thanks! I saw it again today and liked it a bit more than yesterday :) Great meeting you too!! :)

    @Climbaholic - I love the big windows too! PArt of the reason I didn't want to build an alfresco roof under the roof line of the house - no daylight! It would be sooooo dark!

    @Michael - thank you!! hehe not sure if I want a house warming, I want to keep it clean! lol!