Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inside photo's!

I got into the house today! The electricians were there moving the light switch in the garage and the guy was there installing the shower screens!

It was soooooooooo nice just walking around my house with the carpet in, it really felt like a house and almost like a home!!

Ensuite mirror was installed today

Ensuite fan

Ensuite mixer tap - colours are washed out due to the flash

The well placed towel rail... still need to ask for this to be removed

Bathroom mirror was also installed today

Bathroom shower screen was also installed today

Bathroom shower screen

Bathroom shower screen

Telephone and GPO in the pantry

Vegie sprayer!

Kitchen, meals and family

Close up

Not very impressed by this carpet join :( It's in the family/meals

Also not impressed about this carpet join - this one is in the rumpus

Bathroom tiles


Kitchen tiles

Can you spot the 3 ducks?


  1. Your showers look awesome! I'm so jealous of your wall mixers. ;P

  2. Wow Lisa your place is looking great but I agree with you on the carpet joins, I hope that can be delt with. And what do you reckon the guy who fitted the towel rail was smoking when he fitted it there :-)

  3. Thanks Sirona - I love shower mixers, on and off same temp! love it!!

    Maxyb unfortunately I didn't pick it up on the plans :( I had previously asked for it to bot be installed. There is no where else for it! I just want it removed and left on the ground

  4. yeah perhaps go for a large round towel holder there, maybe that will do the job! I wonder why the carpet join is so obvious? maybe the carpet is from a different roll??? I just love the colours in your home, but the furniture will be the finishing touch... Nice to see your signature "feet" pics!

  5. Congrats Lisa. I'm sooo jealous. Will be interested to see what your SS says about the carpet. Its a bit dodgy.

    We're off to our house this afernoon. We should see windows in and roof trusses on.

    Seems that you'll be spot on 17 weeks. Thats what we're hoping for as 17 weeks for us takes us to their christmas break.

  6. Annie: Thank you!! Not sure on the carpet join, will definitely be bringing it up at PCI on Tuesday!
    I was walking around looking down at the carpet and realised I needed to take feet photos!!

    Michael: Ooooh windows and roof trusses is exciting! Yeah it will be spot on 17 for me which is great! If your 17 is on Christmas they should complete it before Christmas - they wont want to leave it over the break