Friday, September 4, 2009

PCI and Handover Dates plus render

I have actual PCI and handover dates! Yes, yes I do!! PCI is 22nd and handover is 29th!! I figure I can hopefully move the day after handover and take the rest of the week off! YaY!!!

Providing I can clear it with work, I'm going to give notice for Tuesday October 6th which gives me a week to move out and get it all done!

Also! I have my first coat of render!

The photo's are kinda dodgy as it wasn't just raining but hailing!

Chateau Lisa

First coat of render (no that's not the colour it will be!)


  1. hi lisa! That's great news... could've handled a few more pics tho!!! Do you mean this Sep 22? or Oct 22?

  2. That is amazing! Thumbs up for PD for doing a great job!

  3. Sorry Annie, I don't enjoy getting hailed and rained on! Otherwise there would have been heaps more pics :D I mean September :D

    I agree Cilmbaholic! I am scheduled to have the keys at the end of week 17, so 5 weeks remaining in the allowed days in the contract so that's pretty much what I was hoping for, 16-18 weeks :D

  4. YAY! That is so exciting! Can't wait to see finished photos of the inside and how your going to decorate it :) Good luck with the handover!

  5. Thanks Netadelle! Decorating will take a while I reckon, but not too fussed about all that just yet! :)